Use Common Sense!

Common Sense

No technology can replace common sense when reading emails, opening files, or browsing the Internet.  Antivirus software and other security precautions cannot make up for ongoing security awareness training.  IT Departments, the FBI, and other government agencies cannot remove all cybersecurity risks either.  We all need to use common sense in today’s interconnected world.

A colleague told me his coworker received a suspicious email.  The coworker wisely called the supposed sender to verify whether the email was legitimate.  The sender said he had not sent the email.  For some unknown reason, the recipient opened the email anyway and clicked the links.  One of the links opened a Web page asking for Office 365 credentials to open a shared document.  You can guess the outcome from there.

The FBI advises people to “practice good cyber hygiene at work.”*  Threats are not limited to the workplace; eople should practice good cyber hygiene at home too.  And when using their cell phones on the go.

Cybersecurity is a partnership between (legitimate) government agencies, IT Departments, and individuals.  Employee awareness campaigns a crucial component of an overall cybersecurity strategy.

The moral is simple… ultimately no matter what a company does, employees are the first line of defense from attacks.  Employees also pose the biggest security risk.  Companies need to educate employees about security awareness.  Ultimately, however, employees need to use common sense.