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Web Design and Development

Your Web site is an extension of your brand.  It must offer, informative, fresh, consistent, and engaging content.  No matter how amazing your product or great your service, you need an attractive site to turn a prospective customer into a paid customer.  Customers expect to find you on the Web.  They also expect your site will be easy to use, with lots of relevant and up-to-date content.  Cybertunities has over 20 years of experience developing high impact Web sites in many industries and for many purposes, from lead generation to customer support to eCommerce.  We will create an awesome Web site at an affordable price.

SEO and Organic Search

You have two audiences on the Internet… potential customers and search engines like Google.  The science of search engine optimization (SEO) is all about understanding your customers and then refining the text you write and the technology you use to rank high on their searches.   Higher rankings mean more customers.  There is no point having an amazing Web site if you can’t be found.  Cybertunities can help you place above your competition and drive more leads to your Web site. 

Google search
Paid search

Paid Search

Excellent placement on search engines and social media is crucial to drive Web leads.  Google, Yelp, Bing, Facebook, etc. know they can charge a premium for the most coveted spots on their sites.  As much as organic search is critical to beat out many competitors, often the only way to truly get to the top is to pay.  Cybertunities will not only help you craft a digital marketing strategy, we will work with you to execute the strategy and measure the results.  It is easy to overpay – or pay for the wrong thing – without measuring your ROI and constantly refining your strategy based on that feedback.

Social Media

Social media is the digital version of word of mouth advertising.  It is critical to advertise in places your customers frequent.  If your customers use Instagram then you need to be on Instagram.  Facebook and Twitter and others also give your products and services a chance to ‘go viral.’  While promoting your brand is good; getting others to promote your brand is even better!  Cybertunities can help you create a social media strategy that markets your company to your target audience.

Social media
Marketing automation

Marketing Automation and Email Marketing

Web marketing is about customer engagement.  The more frequently and positively your customers think of you, the more likely they are to place an order with you or refer someone to your business.  Emailing timely, targeted, and relevant content helps earn customer loyalty and encourages customers to keep coming back to you.  Email campaigns should be automated based on company events or customer demographics, like birthday or product preference.  Cybertunities can help you create sophisticated marketing workflows and successful email marketing campaigns.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Knowing your customers is as important in the digital world as it was when companies sold items by mail order catalog.  It’s also much easier customers’ data and use it effectively.  CRMs help you to do this.  They also provide other advantages, such as enabling you to hold your employees accountable for customer interactions and follow-ups.  Cybertunities has worked with a range of CRM systems and can help you effectively purchase and implement a system that is right for you.