Google Analytics Primer

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a cool way to get insights on your existing Web site traffic, and optimize your marketing campaigns to target new traffic.  Best of all…  it’s free. There is little point investing in a digital marketing strategy if you do not measure your results.  Google Analytics is of the go to platform digital […]

You (Might) Need a Customer Relationship Management System


What is a CRM? A customer relationship management (CRM) system manages customer (including potential customer) data.  Historically it has been used to track a customer through all cycles of the sales process.  If you have long sales cycles, sell to other businesses, or have recurring revenue streams, then you need a way to manage your […]

You Need a Marketing Automation System

digital marketinig

Marketing automation is a crucial digital marketing concept for companies big and small. When you think ‘automation,’ you might think about saving time by automating away manual tasks. While this is true, marketing automation is that and more. Marketing automation systems sit on the front-lines of your digital marketing strategy. All information a customer enters […]

Email Marketing is Not Spam!


My wife asked me a question that gave me pause…  I was describing the importance of an email marketing strategy and she told me that email marketing sounds a lot like spam.  Thinking more about it, however, there are many differences between email marketing and spam. In general, companies send plenty of marketing emails that are […]