About Me

I have over twenty years of experience designing and implementing information technology solutions for a numerous companies in a variety of industries, from banking and transportation to high tech. I have worked at small companies and large ones, including Dell, News Corp, Microsoft, Intel, and McKinsey Consulting.  Each of these opportunities has taught me something new.  However, a common denominator has been the importance of managing change.  People do not like change, yet change is inevitable.

I enjoy learning and have earned degrees in business from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University.  I also have a masters degree in computer science from Columbia University.

One of the best ways to learn is to try something and make mistakes.  This is why cloud computing is so cool; it’s very cheap to try something, scrap it, learn from the mistake, and try again.  Amazon’s annual developer conference is called “reInvent” because their cloud solutions makes it easy to keep trying something over and over.  NHL  players only score about 20% of the shots they take.  When they miss they just go for the rebound and keep trying.  According to Malcolm Gladwell, practicing a craft for 10,000 hours is  critical to mastering that skill (along with having a healthy dose of luck).  This suits me well…  I spend time every week reading technology books or blogs and watching technology videos.  I am  also a doer.  If I were in the NHL I wouldn’t just want to coach a hockey team, I would want to be out on the ice.

I take pride in my ability to use technology to automate manual processes.  Computers excel at freeing people from mundane tasks.  I am well versed in a variety of computer programming  languages, including Java, Python, PowerShell, and SQL.  I also know the ins and outs of digital marketing, cybersecurity, and network infrastructure, including firewalls and Microsoft Active  Directory.

Despite these experiences, my biggest accomplishment is my children.   When I am not in front of a computer, I am usually cheering on my kids at one of their many ice hockey events.  Ironically we live in Southern California.  Having come from the East Coast, however, I figure if we can’t go out to the cold weather, we will bring the cold weather to us.  At home, my kids are either watching NHL replay videos or listening to Beatles music.  They are learning to play the drums and electric guitar.  My wife and I are  alternating between ear muffs for the ice rink and noise cancelling headphones for our house.

While technology offers plenty of advantages, I am in awe at the challenges it brings as well.  It is imperative to keep pace with almost daily advancements.  New threats arise even faster.  Cybersecurity is not optional.  Nor are complying with regulatory requirements, especially related to data privacy.  No business can ignore the importance of a digital marketing strategy.  There are too many new-age tech companies eager to expand their tentacles, upending all sorts of industries in their wake.

Technology can be expensive and requires a lot of know-how.  Many companies cannot afford dedicated IT staff.  There are many small businesses that need help, especially with digital marketing, automation, data integration, process improvement, and cybersecurity best practices.

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